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Haft Ahbab : Haft Nam : Jawahir wa Ma adin

Author : Saadatmand Library : Library Of Hakeem Sayyed Zillur Rahman,Aligarh Subject : Miscellanea Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 290

 Haft Ahbab : Haft Nam : Jawahir wa Ma’adin : Tarjuma-i-Sakhiyan
هفت احباب = هفت نام = جواهر و معادن = ترجمه ساكهيان
MC No:- 22/4 Subject:- Miscellanea
Author:- Saadatmand
Scribe:- Bakhshish Ali
.D/o. Inscription:- 1273 A.H
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 11 Folios:- 192 Language:- Persian
 بعد حمد و سپاس... اما ميگويد خاكسار كه بر دانايان روزگار و رمز شناسان... -:Beginning
Remarks:- This work has Seven “Bab” that contain the details of various examples like chemistry and physics, Each of the seven “Bab” are related to Seven different people and the author is also described in One of the “Bab”:
“Bab” 1. About Hamiduddin Naguri (d. 643 A.H./1246 A.D.). named “Haft Ahbab”.
“Bab” 2. From Sa adatmand who wrote in Hindi “Sat Sagar” which means “Seven Oceans “
“Bab” 3. From Shaikh Sulaiman Mahdawi (d.944 A.H./1538 A.D.) “Haft Sitara” or “Haft Saiyarah”
“Bab” 4. From Mir Muhammad Hashim Bukharayi, “Haft Tabaqah”.
“Bab” 5. From Miran Sayyed Taiyib Bilgrami (d.1066 A.H./1656 A.D.). “Haft Jawhir”.
“Bab” 6. From Shaikh Nasiruddin Narnauli, “Haft Aiyam”.
“Bab” 7. From Maulan Muhammad Sadiq Multani “Haft Dozakh”.

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