An Exhibition on the Holy Quran

The Noor Microfilm International Centre has organized the Holly Quran Exhibition in collaboration with Dr. Zakir Husain Library, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 2018.





  An Exhibition on the Holy Quran

Noor Microfilm International Centre, Iran Cultural House, in collaboration with Dr.Zakir Hussian Library of Jamia Millia Islamia organized an exhibition on the Holy Quran, in the holy month of Ramdhan. The exhibition was on display from June 11- June 30, 2018

The exhibition includes the joint display of 40 pieces of Quran calligraphy artworks produced in the Noor Microfilm International Centre, Iran Culture House, New Delhi and 36 archival manuscripts of the Holy Quran scientifically preserved in Dr. Zakir Husain Library
The manuscripts and other artworks with elaborated designs, patterns, sizes and shapes on paper, wood, fabric, metal, ivory and animal skin have depicted different calligraphic styles and illuminations
The chronological development of different calligraphic styles has been reflected through the medium of posters. The calligraphic styles including Kufic, Naskh, Muhaqqaq, Thuluth, Nastaliq, Shikasta have also been displayed along with the description regarding their historical progress. The live demonstration of Quranic calligraphy art and manuscripts preservation techniques has made the exhibition more meaningful and interesting for the visitors. The vast variety of the manuscripts displayed the history and hard work behind each masterpiece

The purpose of this exhibition was to display the five centuries of remarkable artistic achievement of the art of kitabat and illumination of Quran as well as to create awareness about the richness and importance of Islamic written heritage. The ancient manuscripts of past Iranian calligrapher and calligraphic pieces of present Indian calligraphers were on display, which illustrates the confluence of cultures between Iran and India
Also, these kinds of exhibitions can become a platform to promote and appreciate the work of Indian artists and it is a small effort to keep the art of calligraphy alive in India