Monday, December 5, 2022

Yadgar e Bahaduri

Author : Untraceable Library : Library Of Dr.Zakir Husain Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi Subject : Astronomy / Astrology Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 2

 Yadgar-e- Bahaduri

 يادگار بهادرى

MC No.:- 2             Subject:- Astronomy / Astrology

Liby. S.No.:-     U.P. State Archives, Lucknow

Author:-     Untraceable

Script:-     Nast`alîq         Lines:- 35         Folios:- 618        Language:- Persian

Beginning:-... اعلى آن تماس بعض فلك ريزه باشد و سطح ديگر او محاسن محدب فلك...

Remarks:-    Continuing part of the manuscript is m.c. no. 89. Damaged at the both ends. The treatise highlights astronomy, astrological sciences, astronomy and mention of lunar and solar eclipses have been described. 

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