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Insaf Nama

Author : Wali bin Yusuf Library : Library Of Dargah Aliyah Mahdaviyah,Palanpur Gujarat Subject : Doctrines Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 4
Inṣaf Nama
انصاف نامه
MC No.:- 3 Subject:- Doctrines
Author:-     Wali bin Yusuf
Script:-     Nast`alîq         Lines:- 13        Folios:- 73 Language:- Persian
Beginning:- حمد بيحد و ثنا بيعدد مر پادشاهى راكه وجود هر مومن جود و نتيجه جود اوست...
Remarks:-     The author is one of the followers and servants of Sayyed Muḥammad Jaunpuri (d.910 A.H./1505 A.D.) who claimed to be a Mahdi (12th. Imam). This study consists of the following chapters.
S.No. 1          Proof to be a Mahdi (12th. Imam).
   "     2.          Refutation towards Mahdi Imam.
   "     3.          Prohibition of the 05 times prayers behind the disclaimants of
   "     4.          Association and familiarity with those opponents of Mahdi.
   "     5.          Hypocritical remark relating to immigrants and companionship.
   "     6.          To fasten with the Jama`at Khana (Religious Community Hall).
   "     7.          Description of the appointment of four Caliphs by the Ḥadrat Meeran.
   "     8.          Ḥadrat Meeran prohibited to learn the knowledge except the rememberance of Almighty Allah.
   "     9.          Rememberance of Almighty Allah.
   "     10.          Mystical love.
   "     11.          Regarding the oration to enjoin the good and forbid indecency. 
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