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Fatawa i Ibrahim Shahi

Author : Shihab al din Ahmed bin Muhammad Alias Nizam Gilani Library : Library Of Fort Willam College,New Delhi Subject : Theology Language : Arabic MicrofilmNo : 9

Fatawa-i-Ibrahim Shahi

فتاوای ابراهیم شاهی

Acc.No.:- 610           Subject:-Theology

Author:-  Shihab al-din Ahmed bin Muhammad Alias Nizam Gilani

Script:-     Naskh              Pages:- 756        Language:-  Arabic

Beginning:- باب البیوع فی خزانة الفقه البیوع ثلاثه مع صحیح و هو المعروف...                                                      

Remarks:- It is a compilation of Islamic laws on various religious issues in accordance with the Hanafite School of Faith. This manuscript begins from Kitab al-Buyu (the Book on Sales) and contains 148 chapters. The author flourished during the reign of Ibrahim Adil Shah I of Bijapur (1535-1558 A.D.) to whom this work was dedicated. It has been transcribed by Sayyid Muhammad Hasan of Awadh. Date of its transcription is not indicated

  Size: 28.5 cms. x 18.5 cms. Written in poor Naskh



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