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Al Durr Al Mukhtar Fi Sharh i Tanwir Al Absar

Author : Ala al din al Haskafi Library : Library Of Fort Willam College,New Delhi Subject : Theology Language : Arabic MicrofilmNo : 6

Al-Durr Al-Mukhtar Fi Sharh-i-Tanwir Al Absar

الدر المختار فی شرح تنویر الابصار

Acc No.:-         611              Subject:- Theology

Author:-   Ala al-din al-Haskafi

Script:-     Naskh                        Pages:- 73           Language:- Arabic

Beginning:- و صلی الله علی سیدنا محمد و آله... یامن شرحت صدورنا بانواع الهدایة و نوّر بصائرنا بتنویر الابصار...                                                                                                                

Remarks:- It is a glossary and commentary on Tanwir al-Absar by Shaikh Muhammad Ala al-din al-Haskafi. It begins from kitab al-Taharat (the book on purity) and contains 15 chapters and Muqaddama (Preface). The original work was compiled in 1071 A.H. (1660-61 A.D.). The book Tanwir al-Absar was compiled by Shams al-din Muhammad bin Abd Allah al-Ghazzi in 1586 A.D. The manuscript was transcribed by Sulayman Ibn-i-Dilawar in 1122 A.H. 1710-11 A.D

Size: 27.5 cms. x 20 cms. Written in Nask



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