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Siraj Al Tawil Fi Sharh i Anwar Al Tanzil

Author : Abu Ibrahim Shahryar al Balakhi Library : Library Of Fort Willam College,New Delhi Subject : Commentary on Quran Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 3

Siraj Al Tawil Fi Sharh-i-Anwar Al Tanzil

سراج التاویل فی شرح انوار التنزیل

ََ      -       -: Acc.No490                           Subject:- Commentary on Quran 
         -: AuthorAbu Ibrahim Shahryar al-Balakhi
                Script:-    Nsataliq Pages:- 132            Language:- Persian

Beginning:- ای بنام تو افتتاح کلام                        از ثنایت زبان رسیده بکام                        امّابعد چنین گوید احوج خلق الله تعالی ابو ابراهیم شهریار بن حاج محمد بن حاجی مرزا محمد     بن قلیچ مرزا الدرمان البلخی                                                                                        

Remarks.: It is an explanation and commentary on the first part of the work Anwar al Tanzil, or Tafsir-i-Baizawi of Qazi Nasir al-din Abul Khair Abd Allah Ibn-i-Umar al Baizawi. It explains the different meanings and interpretations of Surah-i- Fatiha, the first Surah of the Quran, with special reference to other commentaries. The name of transcriber and date of its transcription have not been indicated. The manuscript contains golden border.

  Size: 27.5 cms. x 15 cms. Written in Nastaliq.



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