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Sharh e Golestan

Author : Abd or Rasul ben Shaykh Library : Library Of Moulana Azad,Aligarh Muslim University(VOL 2) Subject : Literary Commentary Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 10

 Sharh-e Golestan

شرح‌ گلستان‌

MC No.:-4/3Subject:- Literary Commentary

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 204

Author:- `Abd or-Rasul ben Shaykh `Abd ollah ben Shaykh Taher Qorayshi
Hashemi (Alive in 1073 A.H./1662 A.D.)

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-21 Folios:-40 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-سپس‌ سپاس‌ عليمي‌ را كه‌ علم‌ علّم‌ آدم‌ الاسماء كلها حرفيست‌ از تحفة‌ تعليم‌ او...

Remarks:- Explanation of Arabic lexicograph's difficult couplets from theGolestan has been given. Besides the commentary of Bostan it also contains anintroduction, and divided into 4 chapters, which are called Qesm:

Qesm-e Qoranic verses, Qesm-e Nabavi tradition and sayings of the
Masha'ekh, Qesm-e Arabic and Persian couplets

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