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Jumuat e Shahiyah (Maqsad VII, Vol. I)

Author : Sayyed Muhammad Maqbul Alam Library : Library Of Dargah Aliyah Cheshtiyah,AhmedAbad Gujarat Subject : Sufism Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 2

 Jumuat-e Shahiyah (Maqsad VII, Vol. I)
جمعاتالشاهية(مقصد هفتماز جلد اوّل)
MC No.:- 2Subject:- Sufism
Liby. S.No.:- 48
(Author:- Sayyed Muhammad Maqbul Alam Shahi Radavi (d. 1045 A.H./1635A.D
D/o. Inscription:- 1150 A.H./1737 A.D.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 15 Folios:- 141Language:- Persian
Beginning:-المقصد السابعفيحلغوامضبعضمسائلالمشيخة...ذكر حضراتساداتبودند مذكور
شد كهملكالعلماء قاضيشهابالدّين...
Remarks:- The above-mentioned person is one of the religious grandees andintellect sufis of Gujarat. He was a gatherer of perfection, and had fullcommand over formal and informal knowledge, and exoteric andesoteric sciences. The collection consists 07 volumes with somemotif''(مقصد)highlighting the mysteries of Almighty Allah, letters and description of the intellects and religious grandees. This part is thebiography of gnostics and mystics(عارفانو صوفيا). It begins with Ibn-eAbdullah al-Id-Rus and concludes at Husamuddin Manakpuri.Remaining part with m.c. no. 41, 83, 85, 136/2, 136/3.

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