Thursday, June 30, 2022

Tafsir i Muntkhab

Author : Library : Library Of Fort Willam College,New Delhi Subject : Commentary on Quran Language : Arabic MicrofilmNo : 5

Tafsir-i- Muntkhab

تفسیر منتخب

Acc No.:- 605              Subject:- Commentary on Quran

Author Script:-  Muhaqqa               Pages:- 448               Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-الحمدلله رب العالمین... سورة فاتحه الکتاب مکّیة و قیل مدینة و الاصلح انـها مکّیة و مدینة...   

Remarks:- It is a running commentary on the Quran from the first Surah to the Surah al-Qadr. The manuscript contains some notes in the margin in Persian. Names of commentator and transcriber have not been mentioned. Date of its transcription is also not forthcoming. Size: 27.5 cms. x 18.5 cms. Written in Muhaqqaq


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