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Supplication and Acts

Author : Unknown Library : Library Of Gufrane Maab,Lucknow Subject : Supplication and Hymns Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 7

Supplication and Acts
ادعیه و اعمال
MC No.:- 62\2\3                 Subject:-Supplication and Hymns
Author.:- Unknown
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 13 Folios:- 177                Language:- Persian
Beginning: ولادت او وختنه و عقیقه و حقوق پدرومادر بر فرزند وبر عکس آن بدانکه خدائ برای بهم رسانیدن و فرزندان است....
Remarks:- This treatise is about some of the supplication and amulets for having child and training the body.


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