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Chahar Chaman

Author : Monshi Chandar Bhan Library : Library Of Moulana Azad,Aligarh Muslim University(VOL 2) Subject : History Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 9

 Chahar Chaman

چهار چمن‌

MC No.:-4/2Subject:- History

Liby. S.No.:- Abdus Salam 293

Author:- Monshi Chandar Bhan Lahori, pen named ©Brahman¨ (d. 1073 A.H./
1662-3 A.D.)

Scribe:- Lachchmi ben Maharaj Ram Kayasth Bhatnagar ben Ghasi

Script:- Shekastah Nasta©liq Lines:-13 Folios:-90 Language:-Persian

Beginning:- چمن‌ اوّل‌ مشتمل‌ بر سيرابي‌ و شادابي‌ گلهاي‌ هميشه‌ بهار دولت‌ ابد...

Remarks:- The book is consisted of four independent chapters with a preface:

Chapter 1: Consists of the great achievements of the Senior ministers of ShahJahan that is Afzal Khan, Sa`dollah Khan and Ja`far Khan; and their commentsabout the king or minister, who should be judicious in the true sense.

Chapter 2: Consists of detailed account of the daily routine of EmperorShahJahan, his Grand Court, and modern capital named (ShahJahan¢bad)the town in particular located within the limits of his empire.

Chapter 3: Includes an autobiographical sketch and letters by Brahmanaddressed to Emperor ShahJahan and his Ministers, like Sa`dollah Khan,Mo`azzam Khan and Ja`far Khan etc. etc.

Chapter 4: Views and expressions to ©Brahman¨ regarding Religion, Ethics andSufism.

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