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Fath Al Aziz

Author : Shah Abd al Halim alias Shah Abd al Aziz Dehlawi Library : Library Of Fort Willam College,New Delhi Subject : Commentary on Quran Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 1


فتح العزیز

Acc No.:-                 Subject:- Commentary on Quran

Author:-           Shah Abd al-Halim alias Shah Abd al-Aziz Dehlawi

Script:-  Nastaliq         Pages:- 568             Language:-  Persian

Beginning:- سورة تسأل و این سوره را نبأ نیز گویند مکّی است چهل آیه و صد و هفتاد و سه کلمه...            

Remarks:- It is an explanatory commentary on the 30th Chapter of the Holy Quran, which is known as Para-i-Amm. The commentator was the son of Muslim scholar Shah Wali Allah Dehlawi. This copy was transcribed by Muhammad Shams al-din in 1263 A.H. 1846-47 A.D

  Size: 31 cms.x 11 cms. ; written in Nastaliq

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