Sunday, December 4, 2022

Damgh ol Batel

Author : Mohammad Rafi od Din ben Shah Vali yollah Dehlavi Library : Library Of Moulana Azad,Aligarh Muslim University(VOL 1) Subject : Discourse Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 7

Damgh ol-Batel 
M.C. No.:- 22/4 Subject:- Discourse
Liby. S.No.:- Shiftah 70/92 111 
Author:- Mohammad Rafi' od-Din ben Shah Vali yollah Dehlavi (d. 1233 A.H./1817 A.D.)
Scribe:-Mirza Hosayn Hamadani 
D/o. Inscription:- 1286 A.H./1869 A.D. Place:- Jahangir Abad 
Script:- Nasta'liq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 347 Language:- Persian 
Remarks:- This copy has been compared with some other one.

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