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Hashiah i Tafsir e Sultanji Shahi

Author : Ahmad Fayyad al Alam Ibn Abi Kamaluddin Library : Library Of Dargah Pir Mohamad Shah,AhmadAbad Gujarat Subject : Commentary Language : Arabic MicrofilmNo : 9

 Hashiah-i- Tafsir-e- Sultanji Shahi

حاشيه تفسير سلطانجى شاهى

MC No.:- 3/2      Subject:- Commentary

Liby. S.No.:-     178

Author:-     Ahmad Fayyad al-Alam Ibn Abi Kamaluddin

Script:-     Naskh         Lines:- 23         Folios:- 321       Language:-  Arabic

Beginning:-بسم نبيه الكريم... محمّد و آله وسلم قوله الم و نحوه من فواتح جميع السور...

Remarks:-     Damaged at the end. Contains marginal notes, and more especially literary and grammatically and treated with subject of criticism and commentary and explanations of the difficult subject matter polished.

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