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al Basharat al Ghaibiya vas Saadat al Laraibiya

Author : Untraceable Library : Library Of Dr.Zakir Husain Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi Subject : Metaphysics & Doctrine Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 10

 al- Basharat al-Ghaibiya vas Saadat al-Laraibiya

البشارات الغيبيه و السعادات الاريبية

MC No.:- 10/2        Subject:- Metaphysics & Doctrine

Liby. S.No.:-     C-123

Author:-     Untraceable

Script:-     Nast`alîq          Lines:- 17          Folios:- 152    Language:- Persian

Beginning:-سبحان الذى بيده الملك و الملكوت و له القدرة و العزة و الجبروت... امّابعد بر سيه
مستان باده غفلت و نادانى و مخموران نشه جهالت نفسانى...

Remarks:-     Highlights about "Death, affirmation of tormentation and
recompensation of the grave" authenticating them by the verses of
the Holy Qurân, sayings of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) logically in
014 glad tidings .«بشارات»

          1:          Affirmatory proof that fear of death is an ignorance and
argumentative towards the end supporting with such logic and
authenticating by the Holy Qurân and sayings of the Holy Prophet

          2:          Affirmating regarding the administration of this universe, description
of benefits of the eternal death and life, with logic and its arguments
supporting the sayings and narrations relating to profit and loss of
eternal life.

          3:          This statement highlights that all felicities are due to short of liver of
longevity of life and its distance.... and remove the mention
contradictory narrations that persuation of long life and dislike of
deaths are mentioned.

          4:          Narration of the sayings of the naturalists, Philosophers and orators
highlighting the death.

          5:          Research in incorporeal spirit and its surival after death, sayings of
the philosophers and intellects with argumentation, authenticating
by the verses of the Holy Qurân and traditions in this regard.

          6:          About emancipatory illusion that pain of the death is severe and
affirmatory pleasure and pain of the death as per own actions
authenticated by the traditions of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.).

          7:          Described that person at the time of death and later on observes.

          8:          Arrival of the (ائمه) Religious leaders at the time of death.

          9:          About affirmation of punishment and reward (ثواب) of graves.

          10:          About reward (ثواب) of visitation the graves.

          11:          About mention of reward of actions done by the deceased, reaches
to him after death.

          12:          About research of spiritual provisons being provided and other rank
awarded, pleasure and pain.

          13:          Fear of the death on account of tormentation and there by
describing reason of tormentation is a sin and not the death.

          14:          Sighing by the dying person living with his offspring and
accumulating wealth and its expenditure with arguments and
instances quoted from the fables of korah .(حكايت قارون)

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