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Takmil ul Irfan

Author : Muhammad Ali Mah e Radavi Library : Library Of Dargah Aliyah Cheshtiyah,AhmedAbad Gujarat Subject : Sufism Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 7

 Takmil ul-Irfan


MC No.:-  7/1              Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      12/1

Author:-      Muhammad Ali Mah-e-Radavi

Script:-      Nastaliq               Lines:- 7         Folios:- 17Language:- Persian

Beginning:-بعد از سپاسبيقياسپروردگار و ستايشرسولمختار و مودّتاولاد اطهار...

Remarks:-      Description of the entity and seven demotionsتنزلاتin oneمقدمهintroduction and 08فصلand an end has been written.

                        The preface highlights real beings.

Chapter      1.      Knowledge of the Supereme truth.

                  2.      Detailed knowledge.

                  3.      World of Spirits.

                  4.      World of Symbols.

                  5.      Martyrdom.

                  6.      Perfect Man

                  7.      Status of the Manifestation of Truth.


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