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Masnavi ye Ma navi (Noskha ye Nasekhah)

Author : Abdol Latif ben `Abdollah Library : Library Of Moulana Azad,Aligarh Muslim University(VOL 2) Subject : Poetry Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 3
Masnavi-ye Ma`navi (Noskha-ye Nasekhah)
مثنوي‌ معنوي‌ (نسخة‌ ناسخه‌)
MC No.:-2/2         Subject:- Poetry
Liby. S.No.:-         J. Per. 171
Author:- `Abdol Latif ben `Abdollah `Abbasi Gujarati (d. 1048 A.H./1638 A.D)
D/o. Inscription:- 1090 A.H.
Script:- Nasta`liq Lines:-19 Folios:-122 Language:-Persian
Beginning:-اين‌ دفتر دفتريست‌ از نسخه‌ ناسخه‌ مثنويات‌ سقيمه‌ و مثبت‌ و مروّج‌ نسخ‌ صحيحة‌ مستقيمه‌كه‌ كمترين‌....
Remarks:- The compiler has compared it a number of times with more than 80different copies and editions. Later, it was placed before the learned scholars ofthe time for necessary comparison with the authenticated editions. In thebeginning the preface had so many mistakes and the titles of the stories werealso full of abrogated words. All such mistakes were rectified and the holy versesof Quran, which were very oftenly quoted by Mawlavi; were traced from the holyQuran with the name of Surah, ¢yah and necessary footnotes. Further, thetraditions and sayings of the Prophet and other high ranking Ulemas andScholars were also identified further more, the mistakes committed by the scribessuch as omission of a couplet from the text etc. were rectified by putting themagain in the original text


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