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Itiqad Nama

Author : Abdur Raḥman Jami Library : Library Of Dargah Pir Mohamad Shah,AhmadAbad Gujarat Subject : Poetry Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 2

 Itiqad Nama

اعتقاد نامه

MC No.:- 1/2             Subject:- Poetry

(Author:-     Abdur Raḥman Jami (d. 898 A.H./1492 A.D

Scribe:-     Muḥammad Farrukh bin Shaikh Ruknu'ddin Chishti

Script:-     Nast`alîq Shekastah     Lines:- 12      Folios:- 11       Language:- Persian

Beginning:-  بعد حمد خدا و نعت رسول           بشنو اين نكته را به سمع قبول

Remarks:-     The manuscript is damaged. It highlights creeds of Islam Sunnite way of life. So it begins with the praise (حمد) of the Almighty Allah. Thus begins the praise of the Almighty Allah, His existence, His unitism, marks towards His existence, towards His knowledge, towards the Divine sight, command His actions, angels, Prophets, superiority of Prophet of Islam, ascension, miracles, revealed books, being the ancient and non-creation of the Holy Qurân, superiority of the descendants and their companions, accusation of ahl-e-qibla is not permitted, Grave, bigul of doomsday (قيامة) Bridge on hell (صراط) blow the trumpet at the resurrection plain (عرصات) heavens and hell.

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