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Kohlul Jawahir le Arbabil Basa ir

Author : Sayyed Nusrat Mahdavi Library : Library Of Dargah Aliyah Mahdaviyah,Palanpur Gujarat Subject : Doctrines Language : urdu MicrofilmNo : 1

 Kohlul Jawahir le Arbabil Basa ir
كحل الجواهر لارباب البصاير
MC No.:- 1/1 Subject:- Doctrines
Author:- Sayyed Nuṣrat Mahdavi
Scribe:- Ḥamidu'ddin
Script:- Nast`âlîq Lines:- 14 Folios:- 472 Language:- Urdu
Beginning:- الحمد للّه‏ الذى نوّر الملوين بالقمرين والصلوة والسلام... امابعد طرف سيـ عبد مستعين بعناية...
Remarks:- Consists of a "مقدمه" and 08 "باب" as per explanatory notes below:
Chapter 1. Beliefs of Mahdavits.
" 2. Conditions and habits of Imam Mahdi and his Caliphs.
" 3. Documentary proofs, arguments, and affirmatory proofs of
" 4. Negative attitude of the Mahdavits, who are showing disregard to
the Mashaikh "مشائخ".
" 5. Negative attitude of the Mahdavits who are not paying due regard
to "خلفاء راشدين" 1st 4 Caliphs (May Allah be (Well) pleased with
" 6. Obsolete sayings of the Mahdavits, which show disregard towards
the Prophets. (P.B.U.H.).
" 7. Negative attitude of the Mahdavits, who show disregard towards the
Almighty Allah.
" 8. To settle with the criticism relating to "خاتمين" and nulifying the
objections raised by the enquirer.

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