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Nazam e Ainiya Jawab e Waisiya

Author : Hafiz Moosa Chishti Sabiri Library : Library Of Dr.Zakir Husain Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi Subject : Commentary Quran Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 3

 Nazam-e- Ainiya Jawab-e- Waisiya

 نظم عينيه جواب ويسيه

MC No.:- 3/7          Subject:- Commentary - Qurân

Liby. S.No.:-     A 377

Author:-     Ḥafiz Moosa Chishti Ṣabiri

Scribe:-     Ḥakim Sayyed Muḥammad Fadle Ḥaq bin Sayyed Wajihu'ddin Chishti

D/o. Inscription:-     1312 A.H.Place:- Saharanpur

Script:-     Nast`alîq          Lines:- 16          Folios:- 12           Language:- Persian

Beginning:-ما عين خدائيم ولى غير توايم             -            ما بحر محيطيم ولى بحر نماايم

Remarks:-     These are few verses from the Holy Quran as par the titles explained below Allah said:

          1.          And strive for Allah with the endeavour which is his right 22×78.

          2.          Allah forgiven not that a partner should be ascribed unto him. He forgives (all) save that to whom He will 4×48.

          3.          Who so ascribes partners into Allah has wandered far astray 4×116.

          4.          And Allah summons to the abode of peace, and leads whom he will to a straight path 10×25.

          5.          And most of them belive not in Allah except that they attribute partners (into him).

          6.          O my dear son ascribe no partners unto Allah, Lo to ascribe partners (unto Him) is a tremendous wrong. 31×13.

          7.          O you who believe: The idolatars only ar unclean. So let them not come near the Inviouable place of worship after this their year.

          8.          .... While you are in retreat in the mosques 2×187. There are verses regarding "جهاد" against "شرك", union and unity between muslims, the knowledge regarding Allah. The author has written in poetry all verses of Holy Quran, from the mystic point of view

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