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Al Durrat Al Fakhira

Author : Abu Hamid Muhammad bin Muhammad al Ghazali Library : Library Of Fort Willam College,New Delhi Subject : Theology Language : Arabic MicrofilmNo : 7

Al-Durrat Al-Fakhira

الدرة الفاخره

َAcc No:-          568                  Subject:-Theology

Author:-   Abu Hamid Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Ghazali

Script:-     Naskh                Pages:- 184            Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-  قال الشیخ الامام القدوة حجة الاسلام... ابو حامد محمد بن محمد بن محمد الغزالی الطوسی... الحمد لله الذی خصّ نفسه بالدّوام...                                                                                             

Remarks:- The manuscript describes the death and later happenings in accordance with the Islamic concept. It contains special references of traditional sayings of the Prophet of Islam and the verses of Quran. There is another work on Sufism having the same title compiled by the mystic poet Abd al-Rahman Jami.

It has been transcribed by Makhdumji bin Shaikh Firuz in 1029 A.H. (1619-20 A.D

Size: 18.5 cms. x 12.5 cms. Written in Naskh

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