Thursday, August 18, 2022


Author : Aiyman Library : Library Of Dargah Aliyah Mahdaviyah,Palanpur Gujarat Subject : Poetry Language : Urdu & Persian MicrofilmNo : 3



MC No.:- 2/2                   Subject:- Poetry

Author:-     Aiyman

Script:-     Nast`alîq      Lines:- 11     Folios:- 25 Language:- Urdu & Persian

Beginning:- هيـ هيـ دعا ميرى صبح و مسا                                كريما به بخشائى بر حال ما


Remarks:-     Hemistiches highlight narration of kindness, philanthropy, miserliness, pride, knowledge, justice composed in the fashion that 1st hemistich is in Urdu language and the 2nd in Persian language. 

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