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Lamat ul Anwar Tarjuma e Bahrul Asrar

Author : Un traceable Library : Library Of Dargah Aliyah Cheshtiyah,AhmedAbad Gujarat Subject : Biography and History Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 6

 Lamat ul-Anwar Tarjuma-e- Bahrul-Asrar

لمعاتالانوار ترجمةبحر الاسرار

MC No.:-  6          Subject:- Biography and History

Liby. S.No.:-      51

Author:-      Un-traceable

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 153       Folios:- 25Language:- Persian

Beginning:-...حضرتعليهالسلامپرسيد عمر تو چند سالاستگفتيا رسولالله...

Remarks:-      Damaged at both the ends. Description of the created, giants,angels, paradise and hell, a little bit biography of Hadrat-e-dam andHadrat Eve, Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.), from the birth till thereinfusion of the prophet (P.B.U.H.), and the Holy wars against theinfidels took place.The wars of Uhud, Ahzab, Tabuk, Khyber, Meccaand Taif, description of farewell pilgrimage, and in the enddescription of Rightly Guided Caliphsخلفايراشدين .

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