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Adab e Salat = Resaleh Namaz

Author : Mohammad Baqer bin Mohammad Taqi Majlisi Library : Library Of Gufrane Maab,Lucknow Subject : Religious Jurisprudence Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 1

Adab-e- Salat = Resaleh Namaz
آداب الصلوة = رساله نماز
MC No.:- 61/5                                  Subject:- Religious Jurisprudence
Author:- Mohammad Baqer bin Mohammad Taqi Majlisi
D\o. Inscription:- 1306 A.H
Script:- Nastaliq      Lines:- 15         Folios:- 37                   Language:- Persian
Beginning:- الحمد لله.... گوید احقر عبادالله محمد باقر بن محمد تقی که چون نماز عمده ارکان ایمان است.....
Remarks:- It is a short treatise about how to say prayer, it has discussed briefer the dogmatic issues in the beginning and later has talked about prayer, cleanliness, intention etc.

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