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[Risala dar bayan e Fada`il e Mecca]

Author : Untraceable Library : Library Of Dr.Zakir Husain Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi Subject : Hadith Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 7

[Risala dar bayan-e- Fada`il-e- Mecca]

[رساله در بيان فضائل مكه]

MC No.:- 7/4      Subject:- Ḥadith

Liby. S.No.:-     D-23

Author:-     Untraceable

D/o. Inscription:-     Rabi`uth Thani 992 A.H.

Script:-     Nast`alîq          Lines:- 15          Folios:- 10Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد للّه‏... امّابعد اين چند ورقى در بيان فضايل مكه... كه ترجمه كرده شده از رساله
شيخ حسن بصرى...

Remarks:-     It contians the title page illuminated with gold. Worm eaten. Shat explanations with the Ḥadith (حديث) Traditions with a seal of Mecca  Sharif are given. It is in the form of free translation from the Arabic text and attributed to Ḥadrat Ḥasan Baṣri (d/- 111 A.H./ 729 A.D.). 


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