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Nuzhatul Arwaḥ

Author : Ruknuddin Husain bin Alam Library : Library Of Dargah Pir Mohamad Shah,AhmadAbad Gujarat Subject : Sufism Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 7

Nuzhatul Arwaḥ

نزهة الارواح

MC No.:- 2/2      Subject:- Ṣufism

Liby. S.No.:-     1207

(Author:-     Ruknuddin Husain bin Alam (d. 719 A.H./1320 A.D

Script:-     Nast`alîq        Lines:- 15         Folios:- 96     Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمدللّه‏ رب العالمين على كل حال... قال سيّدنا و مولانا الشيخ الاجل و الامام سپاس بيقياس و
منتهاى بى منتها...

Remarks:-   Damaged at the end. This collection is in rhythmical prose mixed with poetry in 28 "fasl" with the commentary as follows :

1-          Base of the sacred journey.

2-          Knowledge of the sacred journey.

3-          Mensions of the mystic pilgrim.

4-          Advice of the mystic pilgrim.

5-          Beginning of creation.

6-          Unity of God.

7-          Disassociation of mystic pilgrim.

8-          Application of mystical order.

9-          The perfect acquiescing.

10-         Beginning of nature.

11-         Differences of circumstances.

12-         Description from the heart.

13-         Purification of heart.

14-         Exordium of love.

15-         Realities of love.

16-         Amazement of love.

17-         Description of ego.

18-         Adversary to ego.

19-         Social relationship.

20-         Exertion of Assidous action and eagerness.

21-         Companionship and its following.

22-         Renunciation of the world.

23-         Patience and recognition.

24-         Disclosure of the secrets.

25-         Guidance & warning.

26-         Sayings of the mystics.

27-         Limits of this route.

28-         The end of the book.

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