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Fatawa i Alamgiri

Author : Shaikh Nizam Library : Library Of Fort Willam College,New Delhi Subject : Theology Language : Arabic MicrofilmNo : 8

Fatawa-i- Alamgiri

فتاوای عالمگیری

Acc No.:- 621 & 622               Subject:- Theology

Author:-   Shaikh Nizam

Script:-     Naskh     Pages:- P.1=292, P.2=784, P.4=988    Language:-  Arabic

Beginning:-کتاب الطهارة و فیه سبعة ابواب. الباب الاول فی الوضوء و فیه خمسة فصول...                  Remarks:- It is a compilation of Islamic laws in accordance with the Hanafite School of Faith. It was complied by Shaikh Nizam and a group of Scholars under instructions from Emperor Aurangzeb in 1656 A.D. It begins from Kitab al-Taharat (Purity) and ends on Mutafarriqat (Miscellaneous). The part one and part two are bound together. The manuscript was transcribed by Laiq Ibn-i-Shaikh Muhammad Yar al–Qarashi of Delhi. Date of its transcription has not been mentioned.

The fourth part of this work accessioned at S.No. 622 begins from Kitab al-Shifa and ends on Kitab al Miqat (Hajj). This part is transcribed by Fath Ali of Lahore in 36 Julus of Aurangzeb (1692-93 A.D

Size: 30 cms. x 20 cms. Written in Naska


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