Thursday, June 30, 2022

Adab e Nawafil lailiyeh

Author : Unknown Library : Library Of Gufrane Maab,Lucknow Subject : Rhetorics and Beliefs Language : Persian\Arabic MicrofilmNo : 3

Adab-e- Nawafil lailiyeh
آداب نوافل لیلیه
MC No.:- 3                   Subject:- Rhetorics and Beliefs
Author:- Unknown
Scribe:- Sarfraz Ali
D/o Inscription:- 1284 A.H.
Script:- Nsataliq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 11             Language:- Persian\Arabic
Beginning:- ای که حال دل نالان دانی احوال دل شکسته حالان دانی
Remarks:- It is a brief account of methods of saying Nawafil during the night time. There are some reapplication and hymns given at the end of this treatise.

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