Thursday, June 30, 2022

Ayat dar Shane Ali (A)

Author : Unknown Library : Library Of Gufrane Maab,Lucknow Subject : Rhetorics and Beliefs Language : Persian\Arabic MicrofilmNo : 4

Ayat dar Shane Ali (A)
آیات در شان علی (ع)
MC No.:- 7/6                Subject:- Rhetorics and Beliefs
Author:- Unknown
Script:- Naskh Lines:- 12 Folios:- 15                 Language:- Persian\Arabic
Beginning:-بسمله... بیان بعضی از آیات کریمه که حق سبحانه در شان حضرت امیرالمومنین علی بن ابی طالب (ع)...
Remarks:- It contain the description of the verses which are about the dignity of Hasrat Ali (A) and the member of pious household and the companion of sunni seat considered to be sharing that.


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