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Jawahir Al Tafsir Li Tuhfat Al Amir

Author : Husain bin Ali al Waiz al Kashif Library : Library Of Fort Willam College,New Delhi Subject : Commentary on Quran Language : Persian MicrofilmNo : 2

Jawahir-Al-Tafsir Li Tuhfat Al-Amir
جواهر التفسیر لتحفة الامیر
Acc No.:- 194-195 an                    Subject:- Commentary on Quran
Author:- Husain bin Ali-al-Waiz al-Kashif
Script:- Nastaliq and Naskh           Pages:-P.1=840.P.2=690         Language:- Persian
Beginning:- ربّنا آتنا من لدنک رحمة... بعد از تمهید قواعد محامد الهی و تأسیس مبانی ثناخوانی... کتاب جواهر التفسیر لتحفة الامیر که محتوی بر چهار جلد است...
Remarks:- Though the author had planned to provide commentary on the whole of the Quran in 4 volumes, yet he was able to complete only one volume. It was presented to Mir Ali Sher Nawai a renowned scholar and Wazir of Sultan Husain Mirza of Khurasan in 859 A.H. (1454-55A.D.). It contains a Preface by the author, four As1 (Sections) and six chapters. It comprises the glossary and commentary on first three Surah and a portion of the fourth Surah of the Quran. It also discusses some important aspects relating to the Quran. The main work is known as Tafsir-i-Husaini or Mawahib –i-Aliya.
The name of transcriber and date of its transcription are not mentioned.
Size: 29 cms. x 14 cms.; written in Nastaliq.
Another copy of the manuscript containing 1200 pages is also available at Acc. No. 620. This copy was transcribed by Muhammad Murad in 1089 A.H. (1678-79 A.D.)
Size: 33.5 cms. x 25 cms. Written in Nastaliq and Naskh.

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