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Tuhfat ul Mursalah

Author : Muhammad bin Fadlullah Library : Library Of Dargah Aliyah Cheshtiyah,AhmedAbad Gujarat Subject : Sufism Language : Arabic MicrofilmNo : 9

 Tuhfat ul-Mursalah

تحفة المرسلة

MC No.:- 7/3            Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      12/3

(Author:-      Muhammad bin Fadlullah Burhanpuri (d. 1005 A.H./1596 A.D

Script:-      Naskh             Lines:- 18        Folios:- 5Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-بعد الحمد...امّابعد فقد قالغلامالرسولصليالله عليهو سلّممحمّد بنفضلالله...

Remarks:-      The manuscript is incomplete. Splendour of the self manifestation atsome stages.

                        For the 1st time stage:

                        It is indetermined and applying of essence and genuine and callinghim as essence is attributable.

                        For the 2nd time stage:

                        Intuitive faith is primary.

                        That his (Entity) knowledge comes by intuition.

                        For the 3rd time stage:

                        The knowledge of Almighty Allah reflects in all the living beings.

                        For the 4th time stage:

                        World of Spirits.

                        For the 5th time stage:

                        World of Symbols, World of Living Beings.

                        For the 6th time stage:

                        The collective stages are for his grade of qualities.

                        For the 7th time stage:

                        Status of a man is a perfect man so to say theMessengerپيامبر(P.b.u.H.) and especially sacred names, virtues andvarious stages.

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