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Sort and edit of the biggest Stemma of Timuried dynasty in Noor Microfilm Center

The biggest stemma of Timuried dynasty prepared in genealogical section of Noor Microfilm Center
3/12/2015 - 12:43

 The biggest stemma of Timuried dynasty prepared in genealogical section of Noor Microfilm Center. Timuried family tree consists of introduction of all Timuried kings from Amir Timur (801 H.Q) till the last ruler of this dynasty Abul Mozaffar Sirajuddin known as Bahadur shah (died in Jamadi ul Awwal of 1279 H.Q
We included informations like name of king, parentage, tribe, date of birth, duration of kingdom, place and date of enthronement, coin pattern, age, date and place of death, place of grave, number of children and cause and condition of death in this stemma
Length of this family tree is around 33 meter long and is written on 70 meters of illuminated cloth under supervisory of Dr Mahdi Khwajeh piri, by calligraphy of Mohammad Yousof Khattat Bastawi in duration of 6 month
Genealogical section of Noor Microfilm center, one of the biggest genealogical centers in India has prepared stemmas of many migrated Sada’ats (descendants of prophet) and spiritual dynasties in India
Edit and correction of family trees of Sadaats like Naqvis, Taqavi, Aabedi, Zaidi who are a large proportion of Shia population of India
Investigation, edit and preparation of sufi dynasties who migrated from Iran to India after seventh century is among other activities of this section
Editing, arrangement and preparation of Sada’ats Stemma of Iranian migrants shows the depth of Iran India relation and also shows the great contribution of Muslims and Iranians to Indian during their 800 years Islamic rule in India

Album of the biggest stemma of timuried dynasty

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