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Noor International Microfilm Center

Repairing and pest of greatest copy of Holy Qura’an in India

Two more parts of the largest copy of Holy Qura’an Repaired in Noor Microfilm Center
1393/11/30 - 12:45

Two more parts of the largest copy of Holy Qura’an Repaired in Noor Microfilm Center. This copy of Holy Qura’an which is preserving in Jamia Mosque of Baroda city of Gujarat has 30 volumes and size of each book is 1.2 meter. This book was written by a Persian scrivener
This book is written in Naskh script with Persian translation and explanation on side. According to custodians of Jamia Masjid, this copy of Holy Qura’an is being respected by everyone in this region from all religions like Hindu and Muslim and from many years ago they consider the existence of this Holy book in their city as cause of blessing and fortune. During month of Ramazan they every day recite one part of this Holy book and after that it exhibit for the public visit
During last few years the roof of where it kept collapsed due to seasonal rainfalls and causes to sever damage of this Holy copy of Qura'an. Noor microfilm Center on demand of citizens of Baroda city took the responsibility of repairing and pest of this holy Qura'an and it have been repairing from last two years by specialists of this filed. Till now two parts of this holy book has been repaired and returned to the Jamia Masjid of Baroda city and now the repairing of third and forth part of this unique copy is going to complete in Noor Microfilm Center

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